Access higher levels of financial support even if you’re a large company

Assisted Areas are defined parts of the country where businesses can access higher levels of financial public support. Large companies, which are usually ineligible for public support, can also apply for grants.

Support is available for businesses already located in Assisted Areas, and those looking to expand/relocate into an Assisted Area.

Assisted Area status has been awarded to the following wards in the Bradford District:

  • City
  • Bowling and Barkerend
  • Bradford Moor
  • Tong
  • Wyke


The table below illustrates the increased support that can be offered to companies and the maximum proportion of project costs that can be met.


Small firms
fewer than 50 employees

Medium firms
50 to 250 employees

Large firms
more than 250 employees

Not in assisted area



Not eligible

In assisted area




For further information please contact the Invest in Bradford team on 01274 437727.

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