Whatever your organisation type or current trading status, there are always opportunities to develop your brand and support your customers and your people – this should remain your priority.

Support your clients – both as businesses and individuals. Avoid sending out generic emails telling them you’re there for them, offer to give them a call or book in a video catch up. This is much more effective in maintaining relationships and your clients will appreciate you being there for them. 

Grow your online presence – Customers are now used to having so much information at their fingertips at all times. Keep a strategic plan to continue growing your brand online. Develop content for your channels which supports your customers, keeping it relative, positive and concise. Share your knowledge and expertise and signpost to other helpful content too.

Stay present and keep networking – Networking is a great way to connect with other businesses, develop new ideas and generally just stay motivated and present. If building relationships and creating partnerships is important to your business and there isn’t a networking event that works for you, consider facilitating an event yourself. Ensure it's well managed and structured and connect with other industry leaders to host informative networking sessions which will add value for your clients and guests.

Ensure regular communication with your customers and teams so they know the current status of the business, and your plans for the future.