It can be a challenge to find the right employees for a business.

Small businesses can struggle in particular as they can’t afford to offer the competitive salaries that larger organisations can.

Offering employee benefits that go above the standard offering can help. This could also be a great way of increasing staff retention. Employees will stay in a job where they feel appreciated and rewarded.

Could you offer:

  • a pick your own shift schedule
  • a four-day working week
  • personal birthday or work anniversary treat – an extra day off for example
  • once a year treat for a family member or friend – if your business is a restaurant for example once per year your employee could offer a free meal to a relative or friend
  • unlimited holidays – these don’t all have to be paid days
  • ‘feed you Fridays’ – order in food for your team on a day of the week
  • free bike subscription for any children under 10 – subscription schemes such as could save parents significant costs

All of the above will show potential employees that you care about their wellbeing, work life balance and that you go above and beyond to help financially in any way you can (a £25 per month bike subscription is cheaper for the business than a £1 per hour pay rise but could save a family £100’s on a bike for their child).

These are all ideas for providing a perk package that could attract employees and increase staff retention – they also could be used as a one off reward or thank you for a team member who has performed well or who consistently goes above and beyond.