Top Tips

  • Research pages in your sector to keep up to date with what’s trending.
  • Find the most relevant and popular hashtags for your sector.
  • Choose a theme for your Instagram images and stick to it. This might be a certain colour theme, camera angle or image style that clearly denotes your brand and gives your page that all important ‘Grid Appeal’.
  • Try and maintain a professional standard to your images, if they’re not great, post them on your Stories instead.
  • Plan your images in advance and make sure you have a bank of images ready so that you can post regularly. Aim for quality over quantity though. 
  • Don’t advertise your Instagram page until you have posted at least nine images – this will make a strong first impression.
  • When posting videos ensure they’re engaging.
  • Follow and tag other relevant organisations and share their images, but make sure you credit them in the caption.
  • Use Instagram Stories to engage with your customers through polls and surveys – it’s a great way of getting quick customer insights.
  • Remember that whilst it’s your page, it needs to be relevant to your customers – your content should aim to educate, inspire and make them smile.

3 Useful Apps for Creating Images for Social Media 

Adobe Spark Post – Allows you to edit and resize your photos.

Word Swag – Contains free stock images and allows you to overlay text onto images.

Photo Collage – useful when putting together grids.