The Youthful Powerhouse of the UK

Recognised as one of the youngest cities in Europe, 29% of Bradford's residents are under the age of 20, well above the UK average of 21%, and with 40% under 30, we are a district with a special demographic dividend. This young population creates a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that is at once forward-thinking and innovative.

Credit: Karol-Wyszynski

Bradford's young residents are the entrepreneurs, business leaders, and skilled professionals of the future. They are the driving force behind the city's economic growth, contributing to its diverse and thriving business sector. Major businesses like Morrisons, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (Pwc), and Yorkshire Water have already recognised Bradford's potential, becoming some of the city's biggest employers.

With a growing populations, Bradford's demographic advantage is set to stimulate increased demand for housing and amenities, offering unparalleled investment opportunities.

If you are interested in the investment opportunities in the Bradford District, please contact info@investinbradford.com.

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