A city pulsating with innovation and a forward-thinking spirit

Bradford city is at the forefront of a green revolution, striving for a net-zero future.

Groundbreaking initiatives like the Bradford Energy Network and the HyBradford project are poised to shape significant sustainable growth.

The Bradford Energy Network, a visionary Low-to-Zero Carbon district heating network, is testimony to the city’s commitment to clean growth. Backed by an investment of £40m, this ambitious project aims to decarbonise heating systems across the city centre, paving the way towards a significant reduction in emissions. The initiative isn't just environmentally friendly, it's also economically attractive, with total whole-life costs anticipated to be 30% cheaper than the nearest zero-carbon alternative.


The HyBradford project will harness the power of hydrogen to shape a cleaner, greener future for Bradford. Set to be one of the UK's largest low-carbon hydrogen production facilities, it's projected to eliminate the equivalent of 800 diesel fuelled buses from West Yorkshire's roads each day. Already commanding government funding, this project is set to create over 9,000 high-quality jobs by 2030, generating an estimated £900 million for the local economy. In recognition of this trailblazing endeavour, Bradford has earned the title of a Hydrogen City.


The Transpennine Route Upgrade, with an investment of £100 million, is set to revolutionise rail infrastructure by establishing a state-of-the-art depot in Shipley. This transformative project is a key component of the Government's £3.9 billion investment. The upgrade will breathe new life into the 70-mile stretch between Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, and York, redefining the travel experience. With the promise of more frequent, faster, and environmentally friendly trains, this upgrade will not only better connect towns and cities but also create a cleaner, more reliable railway system.

The Clean Air Zone is actively reducing pollution levels, transforming Bradford into a healthier, more environmentally friendly place to live and work. Alongside, the Transforming Cities Fund, aimed at boosting productivity through investments in public and sustainable transport infrastructure, is witnessing an £80 million investment in schemes to enhance transport in and around Bradford. The cityscape is being reshaped with new green public spaces, enhancing Bradford's liveability and allure for new residents and businesses.

Bradford's ambitious targets, including becoming the UK's leading clean growth district and achieving net-zero by 2038, demonstrate the city's unwavering commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth. But Bradford's dedication extends beyond just reducing emissions and championing green energy. It's also about crafting a sustainable, long-term growth strategy for the city. With extensive regeneration projects, a thriving business sector, and a rapidly growing population, Bradford is a city of the future.

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