The Bradford district has strong links to its past, renowned for its distinguished historic architectural buildings its role in textile manufacturing and the wool trade. Some things have changed with the passing of time, but Bradford’s culture of growth and innovation is as strong as it ever was. Once an economic leader on the global industrial stage, Bradford is now the 11th largest city economy in England with designs to grow further still.

As the UK’s youngest and one of its most diverse cities, Bradford is brimming with energy, enterprise, and ambition. A cultural hub with a £12bn economy, the district is more than half a million people.  There are 16,600 businesses employing around 250,000 people with a combined turnover of more than £35 billion. Bradford has earned the reputation of being one of the best places in Britain to kick-start a business, a recognition confirmed by Barclays Bank SME Growth Factors Index. Bradford's economic vitality has also been celebrated by the Sunday Times in 2020, ranking it among the top 20 cities for business expansion.

The Bradford district is a hub of innovation and industry, a melting pot of;

  • Advanced engineering
  • Chemical innovation
  • Textiles
  • Automotive components
  • Food manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Environmental services
  • Digital technologies

Our manufacturing sector is a formidable force, boasting 1,220 businesses that collectively employ 25,600 people. This sector alone contributed a staggering £1,540m to the Gross Value Added (GVA) in 2021. This proudly places Bradford as the 4th leading city in the UK for manufacturing employment, after London, Birmingham and Leeds.

A recent review has highlighted exciting growth sectors including the sustainable Low Carbon sector, the evolving Digital sector, the Financial and Professional Services sector, Food Manufacturing, as well as Advanced Manufacturing, and the frontier-pushing Space Technologies sector.

Bradford district is undergoing unprecedented transformation, with significant regeneration projects creating a thriving hub for businesses and desirable living. Bradford’s diverse culture, young population, and excellent location, paired with this ambitious regeneration, make it a prime spot for investment.

The district encompasses a rich tapestry of towns, villages, and beautiful countryside, offering a quality of life that is second to none. This urban blend with the rural makes it an even more attractive destination.

With a third of our population coming from ethnically diverse backgrounds and more than 150 languages spoken on our streets, diversity is in Bradford’s DNA. People from all corners of the UK are drawn here, eager to experience all that Bradford has to offer.

Investing in Bradford is about more than capital growth; it's about contributing to a city that values its past while looking forward to the future.

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