Relocating in Bradford

Bradford is a great northern city with a rich history and a bright future. It is the fourth largest metropolitan authority in England with a growing population with roots all over the world.

Bradford has a big economy worth over £9.5 billion, the eighth largest in England. It contains globally successful businesses, a skilled and enterprising workforce and a distinctive identity that reflects our young, diverse and growing population. The district draws on this scale, dynamism and international outlook, putting them at the heart of our plans for inclusive growth to create prosperity and opportunity for all.

Bradford is the youngest city in the UK, 23.6% of the population are under 16 years of age compared with 18.8% nationally.

Education in the city is provided by a number of schools, colleges and the University of Bradford, below are links to some of the educational institutions in the district.

Baildon Primary School -

East Morton Primary School -

Oakworth Primary School -

Bradford Grammar School -

Bradford Girl’s Grammar School -

Ilkley Grammar School -

Bingley Grammar School -

Beckfoot School -

Bradford College -

Keighley College -

University of Bradford -

Bradford is situated where three valleys connect in the foothills of the Pennies. It contains a number of popular areas in which to live including, Haworth, Ilikley, Baildon, Saltaire and Bingley, below are some links providing information on living in the district and property searches.

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